Xenon HID Conversion Kit for H4 Bulb Size


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Xenon light is based on the gas discharge principle , where an arc of light is created between two electrodes in a glass tube filled with metal salts and inert gases.(This is not to be confused with many manufacturers who call their halogen lamps Xenon

An HID lamp will last four to five times as long as a halogen lamp. The lamp will have a life of at least 2,000 Hrs. For most people, this translates into the life of the vehicle and probably the life of the next vehicle as well.

One kit contains:
-2 High-Quality Xenon HID Capsules
-2 MAxLUx ballasts / Ignitors
-2 Wiring Looms
-Cable Ties
-2 polarity converters
-2 Spare Fuses (30 A)
-Installation Instructions (English)

The Cool Power lamps are the only genuine 6000 Kelvin NEO WHITE lamps which are directly interchangeable with any kind of halogen lamp. Fully compatible with ANY ballast.
-Special UV Cut construction to eliminate plastic headlamp damage.
-Specially designed for the aftermarket where legal for the road.
-Cool Power kits offer Optimum light centre length, focal point and horizontal plane for 100% correct optical performance .
Complete custom made harnesses for YOUR vehicle. Simply plug it in and everything works . Nothing else required. Includes Relays,Fuses,Waterproofing etc. for safety and security.
This is not just a wire from the ballast to the halogen connector.

– Kits to convert H1, H4/HB2, H7, 9005, 9006, 9007, H11, H9
– No deeper in your headlamp than the halogen lamp
– Existing clips and sealing plates fully retained
– Return to halogen lamps in a matter of minutes
– Full function between 9-16 volts
– Typical life 2000 hours+